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Carabiners and Connectors

Carabiners and Connectors

Climbing carabiners are a vital bit of kit to have with you when you climb trees. Whether you are a climbing enthusiast or work as a tree surgeon, climbing carabiners are essential for securing yourself to ropes as you climb and stand on different areas of the tree. Also referred to as climbing connectors, carabiners allow you to move with ease as you climb while ensuring that your safety remains intact. Generally made from aluminium, carabiners are loop shaped and come with screwed or sprung gates which quickly attach to rope and other types of climbing equipment.

Our specialist arborist carabiners come equipped with innovative features such as pulley wheels to eradicate any rope drag problems. Carabiners also come with strong locking systems to provide great hold and stability. There is a range of different carabiners to choose from including locking carabiners and sprung gate non-locking carabiners. Crafted from durable materials, our selection of carabiners can be relied on time and time again – making them lasting essentials in any arb kit bag. Available in various lengths and widths, at Skyland Equipment we offer individual carabiners as well as carabiner bundles – so you can get hold of all the carabiners you require but at a great value for money.

Browse the complete range of top quality and great value climbing carabiners by shopping online at Skyland Equipment. With a competitive selection climbing connectors to suit all preferences and uses, at Skyland, we offer a number of specialist climbing equipment including arborist carabiners.