Tree Climbing Harness


A comfortable and secure tree climbing harness is an essential piece of kit, but it has to be one that fits your style of working. Some work requires a higher degree of manoeuvrability, whilst for other jobs, comfort is the main priority. It's important to have a wide range of harnesses to choose from in order to find the one that best suits your user preferences. Safety features are non-negotiable, of course, and tree climbing harnesses should preferably have solid safety features, such as DoubleBack buckles or FAST automatic buckles for example, or the option of transforming into a fall arrest harness.

All arborist harnesses should also have full certification to European or North American standards.

Skyland offers a wide range of the most popular, comfortable and safety featured harnesses on the market today. Comfort is key to efficiency on many jobs and the Petzl Sequoia offers breathable, perforated foam and multiple safety and comfort features. The Edelrid Tree Core Harness is a market leader for sheer adaptability and a great favourite with arborists and has a ventral attachment point to distribute the climber's weight evenly between waist-belt and leg loops.

For tree pruning professionals the Teufelberger treemotion harness is a perfect choice, offering excellent freedom of movement, quick release buckles and a wide padded belt and leg straps. And for extended periods aloft, the new Courant Koala tree climbing harness is designed for maximum comfort. All of our harnesses include equipment loops for attaching tools.


Professional arborists now look to harnesses with a bridge to take pressure off the hips when turning and twisting in the tree


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